Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yikes! As I've been remiss in not posting for several days here is a"Phrase of the Day" for several days:
Peace(as a verb, here) by not engaging in retaliation, even when provoked, or frightened.
See article below, and then scroll on down, for more on "Phrase of the Day".
Woman overpowers thief with tea and sympathy
Tue Jul 8, 10:26 AM ET

A Japanese woman and her six-month-old baby escaped unhurt from a knife-wielding thief this week after the mother calmed him down with a cup of tea and a chat.
The 30-year-old Tokyo woman was walking along a corridor in her apartment building with her daughter Monday when a man brandishing a knife demanded money, the Asahi newspaper said.
When the housewife told him she had none, the man barged into her apartment. Hoping to calm him, the woman made the thief a cup of tea, whereupon he put his knife away and began a 20-minute monologue about his life.
The woman then gave the man 10,000 yen ($93.34) and ran outside to call the police from a pay phone, the report said.
Police rushed to the scene, but the thief had fled and is still being sought.
(Reporting by Mari Saito)
More "Phrase of the Day":
Read poetry, everyday.
Poetry forces you to slow down, absorb the imagery, the emotion, whatever has been conjured. And usually--in the best poetry--it reveals a truth. At least one truth. And often, a big, universal one, which leads to a "communion" with others. Which leads to--you guessed it--a kind of Peace.
Take five minutes to smile at someone, and say something kind. This is not difficult. Here's an example: Each time I'm in an airport, I usually see several young men and women in uniform(military) headed overseas. I could shudder(and often do, imagining what they may face, what they may have to do), but I make a point of saying "Thank you for your service." Why thank those enrolled in the military when I am a pacifist? Because they risk their lives. Because they often don't have much choice in careers, and/or they want an education. Because politics don't matter when it comes to service. Because no one says Thank You. And because guess what? THEY want all the war in this world to end soon, too!
Reach out to someone you have not spoken to in, in many months(or years). Call that Great-Aunt. Write a letter to that long-lost friend. People often regret what they did NOT do, but I've never heard someone say they were sorry that they were able to reach someone they care about!
Pray. Even if you DON'T pray, pray, meditate, ask for goodness from God. Or the Universe. The Universe is listening. So pray with it. For it.
Inhale lavendar oil, or add lavendar-water to your laundry-detergent. It is immediately calming, soothing.Peaceful.
Eat avocadoes. Proven to be calming because of their effect on the brain, and filed with "good fat", too. Enjoy some guacamole'.
Organize your phone numbers/addresses in one neat place. This is one I need to work on, as I know how UN-peaceful it is to have disarray in this. The result when you are organized? Peaceful moments, peaceful life!
Enjoy your Wednesday.
Peace, kids.


Selma said...

The story of the Japanese thief really resonates with me. He just needed someone to talk to. Despite the fact he was committing a crime, that story has touched me.

Lisa Allender said...

Precisely! He wants to be HEARD. Like all of us.
He definitely is seen as more "human", because he needed a listener. Personal note:
Although I have been victimized a few times in my life(and have completely forgiven the offenders), I was able in one instance to get away without much damage, because I encouraged the man to talk about what was bothering him. It was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. I am actually grateful for that attack, because it could've been much worse, and I believe the man sought help for himself, afterwards....