Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No, I don't want to watch any video highlighting pain and suffering. But it's important--in the interest of creating a possibility for Peace for animals--maybe especially those used by many for food--to inform you of what they suffer, on a daily basis... You'll notice I put pork recipes and bacon recipes in the technorati tags for this post at Practice What You Peace. Why? Because if someone clicks on this, hoping for a pork recipe, I'm hoping they'll see (and understand!) that pork comes from a sentient, smart, cute, feeling creature called a pig. Read about why charges are being filed against workers and a supervisor at a factory "farm" which houses pigs.
Scroll down the page I copy-n-pasted for your knowledge, below.
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Charges Filed After Investigation Reveals Torture of Pigs
Mother Pigs and Piglets Tortured in a North Carolina Factory Farm

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Update: North Carolina officials have filed six cruelty-to-animals charges against one of the individuals documented dragging and beating pigs and abusing them in other ways in a 2007 PETA undercover investigation of a sow farm. Charges are pending against a second man who has apparently fled the state.
Video footage obtained in the investigation revealed horrific cruelty to mother pigs and their piglets on a farm owned by Murphy Family Ventures, LLC, which supplies the largest pig-killing company in the world, Smithfield Foods.
In addition to the confinement of mother pigs to cruel "gestation crates" so small that the animals can't even turn around or lie down comfortably, the following cruelty was documented at Smithfield supplier Murphy Family Ventures, LLC:
Workers dragged injured pigs out of the facility by their snouts, ears, and legs before killing them with a captive-bolt gun. Some of the pigs had "KILL" spray-painted on their backs.
A farm supervisor admitted that he violently beat pigs, saying of one that he "cut the sh** out of his God damn nose with a f***ing gate rod."
Workers cut off piglets' tails and pulled out piglets' testicles—without using any pain relief—as the baby animals screamed in pain in front of mother pigs.
Two workers and a supervisor hit and jabbed pigs—sometimes in their faces and near their ears—with 2-foot-long metal gate rods on 31 of the 41 days that PETA's investigator worked.
A worker gouged the eyes of four pigs with his fingers. Pigs suffered from ailments including cysts, sores, and a uterine prolapse for which they were denied treatment.
View the video footage taken by PETA's undercover investigator for more examples of the horrific cruelty to animals at Smithfield's supplier.
Every vegetarian saves more than 100 animals a year from abuse by the meat industry. To learn more about going vegetarian, order PETA's free "Vegetarian Starter Kit" today.
Smithfield claims that it has fired workers as a result of the investigation, but the company has not yet provided any details.
Take action: Complete the form below to urge Smithfield Foods to demand that Murphy Family Ventures fire all the workers responsible for this cruelty and work with PETA to enact meaningful animal welfare reforms. Also, tell Smithfield that while it's good that it has promised to phase out the use of gestation crates at its own farms, the company needs to make the transition faster and require independent suppliers to phase out these cruel devices too.
Take Action on This Issue
Dear [ Decision Maker ],
(Edit Letter Below)I was horrified by the shocking undercover video footage shot by PETA at your supplier Murphy Family Ventures, LLC. I urge you to cut all ties with this supplier until it fires all the workers responsible and works with PETA to create and enforce meaningful animal welfare reforms.
In addition, please phase out gestation crates in a shorter time frame than 10 years and require your independent suppliers to get rid of these cruel devices too.
Sincerely,[Your name]
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