Sunday, July 20, 2008

PEACE UPDATE. A list of things to do, before November's historic election, to advance Peace.
1) Watch CNN's new series "Black in America" (check your local listings)
Next Wednesday and Thursday, it will detail how some executives have stated they will hire a white man who is a convicted felon, with no high-school diploma, OVER a black man with NO criminal record, who has a four-degree. Sound unbelieveable? Tune in to see how this kind of bigotry, still goes on. Awareness creates power which can then create Peace.
2) Aim to meet different people, people outside your "comfort zone". I am a very left-leaning young woman, but I can honestly say I have several cherished friends who happen to be far to the right. Though we don't discuss politics, we hold many values in common: a love of family and friends, a love for our home, a sense of faith, a celebration of the arts, a strong work ethic.
Learn to be open to others who may disagree with you. You can find common ground. And that is what Peace is all about!
3) Extend a hand through volunteerism. There must be something you feel strongly about. So, go out & support it!

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