Thursday, May 7, 2009

I lost April, but I'm in love with May!

The month of April got away from me. It was National Poetry Month, and that meant I wrote my li'l heart out! I had great inspiration--find out what it was, by hitting:
and scrolling to Right On, Delaware.
For the month of May, I'm practicing more gratefulness: for friends-who-blog(Collin Kelley, Cleo Creech, Selma of the blog, Selma in the City, Billie of the blog, Betmo's Corner, Melissa of the blog, Poet With A Day Job) family(shout-out to sis Tina; Mom-HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!) and Dad--John, and niece--Breaz), and faith(love and peace to all my Pax Christi peeps!!
What are YOU grateful for?
Details, please!
Peace, kids.