Friday, February 13, 2009


It's Feast of St. Valentine's, and it's an excuse to spread love, joy, and peace throughout your home, neighborhood, community, your city, state, country......the world. It begins with a smile, a hug, a kiss. C'mon, celebrate Valentines'Day!
Checkout my other blog, Lisa Allender Writes, for an article on kissing!
Peace, kids.

Monday, February 2, 2009


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!!!!!!!I still love saying that, though I never doubted he would win, and win big!
The Inauguration is still on the TiVo--I cannot bear to remove it.
I was still ill, stuck in bed, but this time when I cried, it was not from pain resulting from my recovery from abdominal surgery, it was crying for sheer release. For release from the straitjacket of tension we've all been in, the past eight years of George W.'s Administration.
Even the folks I know who voted for George W., and claimed to love him, have confided to me they "wish he'd never been elected....we were wrong..."
This is no time to be looking backward, however. It's time to LIVE IN THIS AMAZING MOMENT--to Carpe' Diem'(Seize The Day!) and make the choice most of us made back on November 4th, YOUR choice, too. Even if you were unsure, or fearful, even if you could not bear to HOPE, you can, now.
You can, because "Yes, We Can", won.
That's not arrogance, it's bright confidence, infused with the humbleness of a man who asks, wants, and IS, your public servant as President.
If you have not yet visited the streamlined new link to your Federal Government, where The White House is actively recruiting YOU and YOUR SUGGESTIONS, please go to:
God Bless President Barack Obama, and God Bless Us All!
Peace, kids.