Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lately, it seems like as soon as I ask for something, it mystically appears. It's mystical, but not a "mystery", because I know this moment, like many others, are what I call "God moments". Moments where in one second, the very thing I wished for, appears.
For example, I knew Fr. John Dear was coming to feature here in Atlanta at The Carter Center, and I could not go because I had to go see my family before returning to Atlanta to prepare for my trip to, and surgery in, Cleveland Ohio.The ache and throbbing in my left side continued to worsen, but I meditated on the concept of "A Persistent Peace", Fr. John Dear's latest book, a memoir of his life as Peacemaker. I began to feel the persistent pain, lessen. I told no one about these moments, and have never revealed them, until now...
I prayed deeply for there to be some way for me to have a contact of some kind with Fr. John Dear--and viola'-- only a few hours after I asked, with much humility, I received an e-mail(and I can now feel tears forming in my eyes.let me take a breath)from a Michelle Halm, and I nearly deleted her e-mail(because I did not recognize the url), but the subject mentioned Fr. Dear, so I clicked it on.....
It seems she'd run across my blog, "Practice What You Peace", and she WORKS FOR THE COMPANY WHICH PUBLISHED HIS BOOK--AND SHE WORKS ALONGSIDE HIM, and she noticed I'd said I was unable to attend his book-signing appearance at The Carter Center, and she wondered, "Could I send you a copy--an autographed copy to you?" My goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Goodness.
Of course I said yes. And I sent her several Thank You's....
I'll be receiving the autographed book, "A Persistent Peace" sometime after my surgery, around Christmas-time.

Thank you, Fr. John Dear, for your lifetime of hard work for Peace, and Ms. Michelle Halm, for your assistance in that endeavor, and for your extreme kindness.
And God, for listening....

Peace, kids.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fr. John Dear Coming To Atlanta!!

Fr. John Dear, one of the strongest, if not THE strongest proponets of PEACE we have, and a Jesuit priest, will be Featuring at The Carter Center, this Wednesday night, kids.
I'll be unable to go(sigh), but please, if you are able, attend this event!
He'll be speaking, and reading from, and signing--his newest book, "A Persistent Peace". Fr. John Dear has written/edited 25 books, and been nominated(By Archbishop Desmond Tutu) for a Nobel Peace Prize.
Visit his website, at:

Peace, kids!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I have been remiss in posting for nearly a month here. I think we're on a clear, joyous path to peace--or at least--more peace than we've had lately, and I will endeavor to post more regularly here, both on the days when peace looks likely, and as I have in the past, when it seems difficult.
For now, let us pray and thank God for the gift of a truly compassionate, kind leader, and one who is committed to working WITH, not against our friends and allies, and working TOWARDS a future with our "enemies". President-Elect(How I love saying that!!)Barack Obama is going to help us turn this around, so we can look to the future, and go forward into this world. We truly have much for which to be grateful!
Peace, kids.