Saturday, January 3, 2009

"A Persistent Peace"

I am currently reading Fr. John Dear's "A Persistent Peace", a book which speaks about the life of a deeply humble, engaged and engaging, peace-filled, peaceful man. I received the book from one Michelle Halm, who ran across this blog, and when she read I could not attend(on account of my extreme illness) Fr. John Dear's appearance/book-signing at The Carter Center(a few months ago), she kindly and generously offered to send an autographed copy to me!
I'm learning the healing process from my surgery is much like the healing process we must all go through, where war, and our learned behaviors are concerned.I reframe pain as a challenge, not a difficulty, and we must re-frame, I think, what it is to be peaceful, to want peace, to create peace. We can begin to do that, by using the word Peace as a verb, anytime the opportunity arises.
We are fortunate to live in a world where literally, anything is possible. Let's reflect that reality--literally, in a literal way--by incorporating peace as a much-used verb.
Here's to 2009, and each of us stating we'll "Peace with one another, often and wisely."
Peace, kids.