Monday, July 14, 2008

Adoption and Peace? How are they connected? Well, adopting a doggie, a kitten--or child--who does not have a home, provides Peace for that individual, and for you.
How do I know? "Louie", our Golden-Retriever-Mix whom we adopted many years ago has and continues to, bring love and Peace into our hearts. Won't you consider adopting or fostering a pet, or if possible, a child?
The Golden Retrivere Rescue, Austrailian Shepherd Rescue, German Shepherd Rescue, Good Mews, The Humane Society, are all good resources for animals as companions. The Christian Children's Fund is a responsible agency which sponsors children(of ALL countries, cultures, and faiths!) through your donations.
Consider a gift of time at your local animal shelter, too. Even though many are "no-kill", the animals often languish, withlittle or no attention....So drop in and walk a dog, or cuddle a kitty. You won't change the world, but for a lonesome animal, you'll change their world, and increase your own level of kindness. I call it raising my "kindness quotient"!!


Lydia said...

You are so right! Beside my computer desk, sleeping on my library table, is 13-year-old Feather, our beautiful white cat that we adopted as a special-needs kitten from the Humane Society. She is peace wrapped in fur. Last September we adopted 8-yr. old Abby from the Texas Old English Sheepdog Rescue group. She has the most soulful and peaceful eyes. I'd also urge people to sponsor children in need as that has brought a special joy to our lives. We sponsor two children through PLAN-USA (, a 5-yr.old boy in Ecuador and a 16-yr-old girl in Sudan. Plan is the organization featured in the movie, About Schmidt a few years ago.
I love the title and mission of your blog! Very uplifting and inspirational.

Lisa Allender said...

Hi Lydia, THANK YOU!
I think YOU'RE the one who is inspiring!
A cat AND a dog!AND--ongoing--two children!
I'm going to check out the organization you mentioned "Plan-USA". It sounds wonderful!