Monday, June 16, 2008

Peace As A Verb!

So I am trying to get a few words and phrases into the accepted vernacular....For example, we may use "war" as both a noun("This war is called the Iraq War.") and a verb("Do not war with your neighbor."), but we never do this with the word Peace. My theory is that unless we make Peace a viable "action-word", or verb--we won't be moved to act on it!
Hence, I must practice what I Peace.
Another word I want put into our everyday vocabulary is a word to substitute for self-less: I suggest it be "self-free". Self-less sounds as though one is made "less than" by being unselfish, when the opposite is true. It is only when one is generous, and giving, that one is able to be set free, and be truly "self-free"--free of ego and superficial measures; free to be open to others, and to be in touch with one's own spirit.
Come to think of it, "child-less" needs to go, too. "Child-less" implies that without children one is "less" because of it. I think "child-free", while possibly controversial(currently, we only say we're "free" of something which is considered bad, as in "fat-free", "cancer-free", etc.) makes the point that some of us choose to focus on other concerns and issues, and are not defined by our ability or propensity to create offspring.

How about you? Can you thinkof a way to use PEACE, AS A VERB? Let me know!
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Peace, kids.

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