Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Now, for some exciting news:I had posted in April at my Lisa Allender Writes Blog about the wonderful encounter at St. Jude The Apostle Church where Rami Elhanan and Mazen Faraj spoke on Peace & Reconciliation...My entry is entitled:"Reconciliation", he said.
I discovered that The Parents Circle-Families Forum has ADDED MY BLOG POST FROM THAT DAY, TO THEIR "What's new?" Page!!! I am so honored, and deeply humbled by this. I am included alongside great authors, and many beautiful, inspiring stories of courage, and peacemaking! Here's the link, below, which you may click on here, or copy-n-paste to your browser, and/or send to all your Peace-loving pals!http://www.theparentscircle.com/News.asp
Go out and make it a great Tuesday!
Peace, kids.

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