Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I like to think of Lent not as a Season of Denial, but a Season of Intention--if we focus our intention on that which matters most to us--our families, our cherished friends, gratefulness for our health, and thankfulness for our talents(which are surely given us, from God) we will feel the love and power of Holiness, manifest in us.
Locate the talents you possess, and use them to illustrate the truths in your life. Be an instrument of change, renewal, hope.
HOW to accomplish this? Volunteer. Even if it's only an hour per week, it matters. Reach out to the neighbor who seems cut off, or shut-in. Drop off food at the Food Banks, or Community Centers(currently, most are suffering from a shortage of food to give out, and a surge in folks who need food, and help!). Offer to walk a neighbor's pet.
And pray each night, for understanding. Not just for YOU to be understood, but for understanding, so you may "minister" to your neighbors.
For more ideas on volunteering, particularly with eldery folks, check out:
and scroll to my entry on the elderly(posted just days ago).
Peace, kids.


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

Very warm and constructive thoughts! Thank you for inspiring people to help in such a way and to reach out to one's fellow man!

I have posted some more pictures for you on the B&B-blog!

love, Sarah Sofia

Lisa Allender said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Hi! Thank you for stopping in! I'll head over to your "Denmark" blog, right now. Your "Living in Scandinavia" really rocks, too! ;)

theuniversityofme said...

Gratitude Journal, Day One: Thank you, God, for Lisa Allender and people like her who are genuine, kind and thoughtful. Thanks for asking us to DO FOR OTHERS and to remember and respect the elderly -- and others in need. I'M ALSO GRATEFUL THAT YOU ARE HEALING. Your Friend, Diane Weeks!

Lisa Allender said...

Diane--Hi my darling!
"the university of me"?I just checked out your brand-new blog.Lovely! Be sure to check in at my other blog, Lisa Allender Writes, in the next few days!

Larry said...

Nice post on being a volunteer of which I help out a homeless ministry in Nashville, that feeds homeless under a bridge once a week and distributes clothing as well.

These days there are more homeless families than have been for decades.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

hi Lisa,
I thought, i'd let you know about something, incase you haven't seen it:
You probably noticed, human rights are the issue, my heart really beats for...
lots of love, SSG

Lisa Allender said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Hi there! I do indeed know of your works!Peace, lady.

Lisa Allender said...

Sarah Sofia Ganborg--Hi there! I do indeed know of your works!GOD BLESS YOU!!Peace, lady.

Pris said...

Thanks, Lisa. The golden rule says it well, too. Let us all put helping those in need a priority. Wonderful post!

Are you recovered from your surgery?

Lisa Allender said...

Pris--Hi there! I am indeed feeling well. Catch up with me at Lisa Allender Writes and I'll stop in and catch-up with you, too!
Indeed, what. you. said....The Golden Rule is called "Golden" for a reason.