Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Did anyone catch Larry King Live last night? A large portion of the show was the response of several members of the GOP to Tuesday night's DNC. There was also the tirade of a really, really weird gal named Elizabeth Joyce, who is a member of Just Say No Deal, who repeatedly stated her long term support of Hilary Clinton, while railing about Barack Obama needing "to court [her]vote. I'm a good Catholic girl, I want to be courted; he hasn't done that." She said this at least five times.
When host Larry King responded that since she, the woman in question likes Hilary Clinton, that it made sense she'd support "Hilary Clinton's candidate, Barack Obama.", her voice became tremulous, and filled with emotion. Her eyes sullen, in a dead-stare. Once again, she denied any support for Senator Obama, saying he'd have to "earn" her vote.
In my opinion, this woman was less Hilary-supporter, more infatuated, bat-shit-crazy-stalker-fan.
If ever there was a person on whom Saturday Night Live could base a character, it's this woman. I daresay she's funnier than the female character currently played by Kristen Wiig who constantly one-ups everyone in the room.
But I say, PEACE TO ALL HILARY-SUPPORTERS. It's time to declare a truce, ladies. Please get behind this fellow with whom Hilary agrees, nearly 95% of the time! Because I have supported Senator Barack Obama for a long time now, I certainly understand the Clinton supporters' loyalty. I have loyalty to my candidate, too. But let's not turn loyalty into a caricature of what the political process should be. Let's raise our hands in the air-not with fists clenched, and grim determination-but with palms open, and with a deep breath, a smile on our faces.
Peace, kids.


Lydia said...

A truly great post. Thanks for this from another Obama supporter who is sure that if we don't come together now that we'll turn this election over to a team that .... o, I can't even think of that alternative

Dr. Jay SW said...

A number of journalists have looked into the backgrounds of some of the most prominent PUMAs, and found that, by and large, they're actually Republicans who, if they voted for Hilary at all, did so at Rush Limbaugh's bidding. Then, some are perfetly sincere nutjobs....

Lisa Allender said...

Thanks, Lydia: I think we're all getting it together (finally!)
Dr. JaySW: Hi--thank you for visiting. Yep, I'd heard that Repub-planned-thing, but I know several PUMAs really were for-real Hillary fans.